Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh you silly learning curve!

So. I've decided to start a blog. Yaa you! 

This is all a fairly big leap for me, but I feel that after 25 years of listening to my internal monologue running rampant inside my pretty little brunette head, it's time to let it all come forth and see how it fares.

I still have some rather large reservations about starting this; for example, I don't read blogs. So how can I even attempt to tackle writing one if I don't know the ins and outs of a good blog? Or, for that matter, a poor blog. Secondly, I wouldn't exactly call myself the best writer in the world. I'm one of those people that are best captured in action, in something that takes more than just a moment rather than in a still frame. The kind of timeless still frames that writers often fall into, or at least their writing does.

What’s my plan of attack? With the limited research I did before jumping head first into the blogosphere, I have decided to make this a bit of a blend of what I understand to be a video blog with a written narrative blog. Hopefully I am able to write in such a way that the English teachers among you don’t rip your hair out, screaming mercilessly at your computer screens. All while maintaining enough animation that I don’t get the urge to blow my brains out with a peashooter while writing it.

If you all want to know my A/S/L, want a summary of what you're about to embark on, or to just about the lady who will soon be spamming your inbox with updates, then read my bio page. For those of you who just want the bloody show to start already; I tip my hat to you and I grant you your wish.

Cheers, and good luck

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