Friday, February 17, 2012

Review - 2010 Luis Pato Vinho Regional Beiras Vinhas Velhas

So last Thursday I had the pleasure of trying a flight of wines, and tequila no less, with a representative from Lanigan & Edwards Wine Merchants. 

We started with the 2010 Luis Pato Vinho Regional Beiras Vinhas Velhas (Branco)
SKU: 725367
Origin: Portugal
Agent: Lanigan & Edwards Wine Merchants Ltd.

 A “mix of Bical, Cerceal and Sercialinho grapes, grown in different soils. Fermented in stainless steel vats and chestnut casks during four months. To be dished up with fish and shellfish.” Boasts the Luis Pato website.

 But what the heck are Bical, Cerceal and Sercialinho grapes? What I was told by the agent that Bical and Cerceal are some of the 120 native varieties in Portugal. Bical; being a white Portuguese wine grape seen primarily in the Bairrada region. It produces high acid wines. Cerceal or “sercial” as wiki redirects to, is a white Portuguese grape seen mainly on the island of Madeira. And it’s associated with the driest of the varietals in Madeira fortified wines.

 Now obviously all of this super high acid content comes out in the wine, how could it not?
On the Nose it’s got bright yellow flowers, lemons and freshness.
On the Pallet it’s got this wonderful tart lemon meringue pie to it, but not a whole lot of sweetness. However it is a bit tight over all. It’s a good match for the acid freaks out their but for someone who wants something with a bit more balance I would recommend giving this one another 6 months to let the edge come off this one. I would recommend buying it now and letting it bottle age at home

This will retail for under 20$ a bottle in most liquor stores


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